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For beerfans, bockbeertime is the best of time of the year in the beer calendar. We also want to celebrate the bockbeertime and have set up something really special for you: three types ob beer boxes with the best Bavarian bockbeers. For all fans of wheatbeers, we have compiled the Weizenbockkollektion. For those you prefer lagers, we recommend to try the Bockbierkollektion 1 and the Bockbierkollektoin 2. For our indecisive customers, we have the solution: Our Bock-auf-Bock Box offers 5 bottles of the best twelve Bavarian bockbeers. Thus, you can try the assortment of Bavarian bockbeers. When you want to start slowly with bockbeers, you should browse our Bockbeer special.