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Welcome to the beer wiki of
This beer wiki will give information to all the beer lovers and those who are interested about beer. This wiki contains information about breweries, brewing beer and the many kinds of beer. This wiki is right now under construction.

500 Years Reinheitsgebot[Bearbeiten]

2016 is a special year for beer enthusiasts: The German Reinheitsgebot (literally "German Beer Purity Law") celebrates 500 years of existing. Celebrate this special year with us and our special offers on

Help to Improve[Bearbeiten]

This beer wiki is right now under construction. A Wiki lives from the help of many. Everybody has something to bring in and can help:

  • Create translations
  • Insert new breweries
  • Improve existing articles

There are many ways to help. If you want to help but don't know how, please just write us an email: We are looking forward for your help.