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Biestacheln bei einem Starkbier von Fuchsberger
The Beerstachel is a tool to get cool beer immediately to the right drinking temperature. This procedure is called "Stacheln". "Stacheln" is a tradition used during forging. To get the very cold beer to a higher temperature, the blacksmith used a hot iron from the forge and put it directly in the beer. For "Stacheln" especially strong and dark beers are used.

How does it work?[Bearbeiten]

During Beerstacheln, a hot iron rod will be put directly into the beer. Today, the iron rod has a thicker ball on the end to get more energy into the beer. Also the rod will not be heated up in a forge anymore. The Stachel will be heated up with a burner.

Effect on the Beer[Bearbeiten]

The hot iron rod will caramelize the rest of the sugar in the beer. This leads to a strong caramel note in the beer. Also the beer will be heated up and a fine foam is formed on top of the beer. For "Stacheln" the beer should be very cold in the beginning. It's worth to drink the beer soon after the procedure to enjoy the full aroma.