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Brewing beer is a complex process to create Beer from different main substances with the correct mixture.

The Brewing Process[Bearbeiten]

The brewing process can be divided in different steps.

Mashing in the Mash Pan[Bearbeiten]

First, malt is ground in a malt mill to break the shell. Then the broken grist is mixed with water in the mash pan. The mixture is called mash. In the brewing recipe of the respective brewery and the beer, a precise temperature needs to be set. During the different temperature levels sugar and protein will be created naturally by enzymes.

Refining in the Lautertun[Bearbeiten]

In the Lautertun the liquid wort is separated from the insoluble malt pats. The wort is fed to the wort kettle. The insoluble malt components are called brewer grains. The brewer grains are used as a high quality feed for cows, pigs, etc..

Cooking in the Wort Pan[Bearbeiten]

The wort will be boiled at properly adjusted original wot (strength of beer). Because of the cooking process protein precipitates and undesirable aroma substances are evaporated. While cooking the important ingredient hop is added. With the added hop, the wort obtains a particularly dosed bitterness and fine hop aroma.

Fermentation in the fermentor[Bearbeiten]

Before the hop-wort mixture ends up in the fermenter, the so-called hot break, a mixture of excess protein, hops residues and tannins, will be extracted in the mixer. Then, the hot wort will be cooled to the needed fermentation temperature. In the fermentor the yeast is finally added. The yeast then ferments the malt sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide. The set fermentation temperature and fermentation period has an high influence on the flavors. Depending on the type of yeast, the fermentation period is usually from 3 to 10 days.

Maturation in the storage tank[Bearbeiten]

After the fermentation, the mixture is pumped into the storage tanks. Depending on the type of beer, there is a typical storage period between 4 and 12 weeks. The beer is kept at around the freezing point, whereby the maturation is optimized and the beer can develop the typical flavors. Besides some important flavorings also the carbonic acid is formed naturally. Especially at this point one speaks of time as the "fifth resource' for beer.


After the storage, the finished beer is passed through a beer filter. Here residual yeast and suspended matter are removed from the beer. With the filtering different tastes can be set. Filtered beers like Pils, Lager Beer, Kristallweizen have a fine appearance and are strongly filtered. The flavor is also called "slim". Unfiltered beers contain valuable materials (vitamins, minerals, etc.) and are "full-bodied" in taste. The filtered beer is stored in a pressure tank before filling into and will then be bottled in beer kegs, cans or beer bottle.