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Hello and Servus to all beer lovers and fans out there,

thank you for signing up for the newsletter of We are going to prepare a newsletter for you once a month to inform you about the news at our onlineshop, the breweries and, of course, the newest beers in our beer family. As a little reward for our customers, we are going to include ten rebate codes at the end of every newsletter. And now, enjoy reading through the newsletter.


Timo Schindler

1. Hops Cruise Mix Box[Bearbeiten]

Sebastian Jacob, the young brewing master of Nittenauer, has created 5 some very special beer with the Hops Cruise. To show the importance of hops, the main recipe for all beers it the same but the used hops is completely different. Every used hop is from a different Country. We have for sure created a special box with every beer so you can taste everything:

2. New Cooperation with Rhaner[Bearbeiten]

The brewery Rhaner is a traditional brewery from around Cham in Bavaria. We now can proudly announce that we have a new cooperation with Rhaner. We've added the complete range of Rhaner beer in our online store. Also two craft beer:

3. 500 Years of Reinheitsgebot[Bearbeiten]

We keep on celebrating 500 years of Bavarian Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot). This time with two boxes:

4. Beer Can Boxes[Bearbeiten]

We now also offer beer in cans. This has two main advantages for you: The beer has a longer shelf life, because no sunlight can reach the beer. Also we can send you 40 cans instead of 20 bottles in one shipping box. You'll safe 50% shipping costs. A example with Löwenbräu Hell:

  • Germany:
    • 40 Bottles inclusive shipping: 64,59 Euro
    • 40 Cans inclusive shipping: 57,48 Euro
  • Finland:
    • 40 Bottles inclusive shipping: 102,56 Euro
    • 40 Cans inclusive shipping: 76,48 Euro

Our can boxes:

5. Whatsapp-Support[Bearbeiten]

We now also have Support for WhatsApp. Just write a message and we will help you.

You can also write us, if you want to be informed about the newest offers. We will write you first if we have some new stuff: +491757312563 Please note: SMS and phone calls can not be answered with this number.

6. New Article in our Beer Wiki[Bearbeiten]

This time, we've created an article about brewing beer:

8. Rebate Codes[Bearbeiten]

Again we have new rebate codes for you. Every code is only valid once, better be fast. With every rebate code you will get 10% of in our whole online store.

  • WIKI-2KX8-0PVA-71DQ
  • WIKI-PYDQ-LI0V-9415
  • WIKI-O50N-X857-XAKO
  • WIKI-IM06-9UOK-529I
  • WIKI-H5BU-78NF-BM11