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Hello and Servus to all beer lovers and fans out there,

thank you for signing up for the newsletter of We are going to prepare a newsletter for you once a month to inform you about the news at our onlineshop, the breweries and, of course, the newest beers in our beer family. As a little reward for our customers, we are going to include ten rebate codes at the end of every newsletter. And now, enjoy reading through the newsletter.


Timo Schindler

1. Craft Beer from Nittenau[Bearbeiten]

One of the best things here in Bavaria are the small private breweries! Especially, when they have a young and adventurous brewer master. One of these breweries is the "Brauhaus Nittenau" in a small town in the heart of Bavaria. In addition to some traditional high quality beers, the brewery also offers some specialilties. Brauhaus Nittenau was the first brewerie to create a non-alcoholic IPA and has also created a very good Bavarian Pale Ale with the name "Doldenzwerg". To give you some samples of this speical brewery, we have created a sample mix box with the 4 best beers of Nittenauer: Probierkiste: Brauhaus Nittenau

2. Adjusted Shipping[Bearbeiten]

We have do adjust our shipping costs. This has serveral reasons. Firstly, we had to change our shipping partner, because the former partner has announced an extreme raise in shipping costs. The new service is still a little bit more expensive, but still cheaper than the old partner. Also, the shipping costs for a 20 kg per package and the certification of our packages is very expensive. We have tried to offer you the best we can. In the future, we will try to give you some even lower prices on beer to compensate the higher shipping costs. The current shipping prices can be found here: Lieferkosten

3. 500 Years of German Purity Law[Bearbeiten]

For sure, we keep on celebrating 500 years of German Purity Law. For this we have created a new monthly package for you: Weltenburger Kloster - Sample Mixbox

Weltenburger is one of the most popular breweries. It is the oldest cloister brewery of the world and brews its beer with ancient recipies. One sample mixbox will give you the taste of the 4 best beers of Weltenburger: Weltenburger Kloster - Sample Mix Box

4. New Beers[Bearbeiten]

Since the last newsletter, we have added over 50 new products in our onlineshop. The beer variety in our store grows with every day. An overview of the new articles can be found in our RSS-Feed: (We recommend Forefox as RSS-Reader). Unfortunately we can not present you every single beer but we want to give an overview of some very best of them:

  • Brauvaria - Barbatus Rubidus: Brauvaria is a very small brewery from Weiden in Bavaria. They have released their second very tastefull beer. We recommend Brauvaria everybody who is interested in some speciality.
  • Mönchshof - Historischer Märzen: A lot of people have asked about it and we are able to provide it to you: The historical Märzen from Mönchshof is also available in our online store. Mönchshof moves to very special beers. We like this!
  • Schneider - TAPX Cuvée Barrique: Ever tried a beer, which has been kept in special barrique barrel for month? Why not! With the Cuvee Barrique, Schneider has brewed a slighly sour beer. This beer is also limited.
  • Schneider - Aventinus Eisbock: If you love Bockbeer, there is neraly nothing better than the Eisbock. This unique Bock from Schneider is very fruity and tastes slightly like fresh Banana.
  • Schneider - Aventinus Vintage: The brewers of Schneider have discovered this beer by accident. They have tried a 20 year old Aventinus beer and have discovered a real treasure: From this time point in time, Schneider keeps a limited ammount of Aventinus every year and keeps it in their beer cellars. The Aventinus Vintage is matured for at least 2 years. Our production here is from 2012 right now.

5. New Wiki Articles[Bearbeiten]

Of course, we also have some new articles in our beer wiki. We will show you, what is meant with "Stacheln" and which beers are served in Cuba.

6. Discount Codes[Bearbeiten]

Of course, we have included new rebate codes in this newsletter. Each code is only valid once, so you should better hurry. With the following discount codes, you will get 10% on the entire assortment.