Beerletter 2016-02 - February

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Hello and Servus to all beer lovers and fans out there,

thank you for signing up for the newsletter of We are going to prepare a newsletter for you once a month to inform you about the news at our onlineshop, the breweries and, of course, the newest beers in our beer family. As a little reward for our customers, we are going to include ten rebate codes at the end of every newsletter. And now, enjoy reading through the newsletter.


Timo Schindler

1. Beer Wiki[Bearbeiten]

After a long phase of planning, we have finally managed to set it up: The Beer-Wiki. Concerning the topic of beer, a lot information exists and we intent to share this knowledge with you. You are very welcome to share your knowledge. Help us to make this information available in other languages and translate one page, if you are proficient in a foreign language.

2. 500 Years of Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law)[Bearbeiten]

In 2016 the German Purity Law is celebrating its 500th anniversary. To honor the oldest consumer protection law, we have set up a great special and a detailed article in our Beer-Wiki. Also, we want to celebrate 500 years of Reinheitsgebot and have come up with a great special for you. Each month, we are going to introduce special Bavarian breweries and compile 4 of the best beers in a crate. For the month of February, we are packing the best beers of the brewery Naabecker from the Upper Palatinate in a box for you.

3. Adapted Delivery Charges[Bearbeiten]

Due to new price calculations of our transportation partner, we have to adapt our prices of our package delivery. Delivery to many countries has become more inexpensivey whereas deliverly to some countries has become more expensive. You can find an overview over the adapted shipping charges on our homepage:

In order facilitate thea adjustment, we are offering a 5 Euro discount with the code versand2016.

4. Bockbierzeit[Bearbeiten]

For beerfans, bockbeertime is the best of time of the year in the beer calendar. We also want to celebrate the bockbeertime and have set up something really special for you: three types ob beer boxes with the best Bavarian bockbeers. For all fans of wheatbeers, we have compiled the Weizenbockkollektion. For those you prefer lagers, we recommend to try the Bockbierkollektion 1 and the Bockbierkollektoin 2. For our indecisive customers, we have the solution: Our Bock-auf-Bock Box offers 5 bottles of the best twelve Bavarian bockbeers. Thus, you can try the assortment of Bavarian bockbeers. When you want to start slowly with bockbeers, you should browse our Bockbeer special.

5. Discount Codes[Bearbeiten]

Please note: The discount codes are just available in the original newsletter.