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Diese Seite ist eine übersetzte Version der Seite Beerletter 2015-10 - Oktober und die Übersetzung ist zu 100 % abgeschlossen sowie aktuell.

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Hello and Servus to all beer lovers and fans out there,

thank you for signing up for the newsletter of We are going to prepare a newsletter for you once a month to inform you about the news at our onlineshop, the breweries and, of course, the newest beers in our beer family. As a little reward for our customers, we are going to include ten rebate codes at the end of every newsletter. And now, enjoy reading through the newsletter.

Timo Schindler

1. New Stickers[Bearbeiten]

As some you have alreadly noticed, you are receicving new beer stickers with every order. We have the new beeriodic-table with the most important beer elements, "Don't worry, beer happy" or the simple but great "I love Beer" sticker. Just take what you want or give it to your friends or family and have a lot of fun sticking all the stuff.

2. New Beer[Bearbeiten]

As every month, we have tested and selected new beers for your in our online shop.

We have some very special craft beers from Bavaria:

The brewery Röhrl Bräu Straubing created some special beers for special times and, of course, we are offering them in our online shop:

The discovery of the month is the wheat beer brewery "Hopf". The wheat beer is very tasty an a great beer. Try it and be convinced:

3. Beer from the deep cellar[Bearbeiten]

Für euch haben wir eine weitere Bierkollektion zusammengestellt - die Kellerbierbox. Sie besteht aus vier unterschiedlichen Bieren, von denen je fünf Flaschen im Paket enthalten sind:

In Germany and especially in Bavaria, we have very different tradtional beers. One of them is the so calles "cellar beer" or "Kellerbier". This kind of beer is very tasteful and has a rich character. It often comes unfiltered, which also adds to the full-bodied taste. We have created a cellar beer mix box, with the best cellar beers in it: Kellerbierbox. The other cellar beers can be found here:

4. Winter Beers[Bearbeiten]

Der Winter scheint jetzt auch bei uns angekommen zu sein - höchste Zeit, die kalte Jahreszeit mit den besten Bayerns willkommen zu heißen. Für euch haben wir folgende Biere ausgesucht:

Winter is finally here and, like every year, some breweries are brewing their famous Winter Beers. We have selected the following winter beers for you:

5. Christmas Beers[Bearbeiten]

Just like the winter beers, some breweries are also brewing speical beer for Christmas. This beers are slightly sweeter and have a very rich body. We have created the Festbierbox, a collection of the best christmas beers with the following beers:

If you are searching for a great present for a beer fan, you can try out our collections of winter and christmas beers: Winter- und Festbiere

6. New contract with DHL and a new warehouse[Bearbeiten]

We've moved to a new and much bigger warehouse this month. There, we have much more space to integrate more and more beers for you in our online shop. We also made a new contract with DHL. With this contract, we are able to shorten the shipping time again. Your order will usually be around 1-2 days earlier at your place.

7. Rebate Codes[Bearbeiten]

Again, we are providing some rebate codes for your next order. With every single code of this list, you will get 10% off our whole assortment. Every code can be just used once, so better be fast.

Note: Rebate codes are just available in the email version of this newsletter.